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Prenatal Massage
Re-Certification Requirements

As of 2020 we have an UPDATED policy for the Prenatal Massage Specialty Certification Certification.   Please Read the message below from Sandy Ventura Gordon - President


Hello dear students!

This is a personal letter to each of you who have taken my classes.


First and foremost I want to say, I learned so much from so many of you!  For that I am grateful and wish to say, "Thank you so much for who are and what you brought to the class you attended!"

I truly believe that as your instructor I was simply someone with knowledge about a subject that I am passionate about and wanted to share with you in a high quality format and for your CE Credits.  Before each class I prepared myself, the materials, and classroom to the best of my ability as I knew deeply how much time, money, and effort you were putting out to attend the class and the TRUST you were having to expend if you had never taken any of my classes.  

Life has so many stages, just like pregnancy, the birthing process, newborn growth and development.  You have had changes and stages in your life and your development as a Massage Therapist and I have also.

For the past four years there have been significant life challenges and changes for myself and the journey I took with my husband as he moved through throat cancer.   I believe that many of the components of content from the classes served me well during that arduous journey and I hope my dear husband benefited as well.   And then just when I was catching my breath Covid made itself known to the world.

No matter our differing thoughts about Covid, each of us have been impacted in one way or another and speaking for myself It has been a long pathway towards learning patience, and more patience, along with opportunities to deeply explore both my inner and outer life and what changes I wanted to make and what is presenting itself to me at this stage in my life.   I imagine you too have experiences of your own. 

That brings me to this letter.  I want to thank each of you for what you brought to the class, to the others who were there in the class and to me.  Thank you so much!  Your presence and who you are contributed to the class and to how I taught in your class.  Each class was so different and each time I learned so much and was amazed at how your class had it's own life and it's own unique energy.   That is because of you and who you are!

Many of you who took the Massage Birth class may remember how I spoke about how important it was for you attending the birth and for the woman and partner themselves to understand you can not control the birthing but you can have a huge impact on it's process by the thoughts and emotions of the birthing Mom, her partner, the professionals and you yourself.   Other things that truly change or can influence the process is intuition, that subtle yet powerful voice within us that is our guide and protector.   We know how powerful touch can be, how a smile can bring hope and dispel despair, and how even intention can change the energy of the room and those in the room, profoundly so!   And then there is acquiescing, resilience, patience, a sense of humor, honesty with oneself and those around you, trustworthiness, etc.   

These are the very things I have been accessing, learning, doing, and striving for in this stage of my professional and personal life.  Really, they are not separate realities.   My personal and professional life are intricately connected and you have been a part of my life journey professionally and personally.

So, here we looks like this particular "stage" in my life is asking me to pause and maybe end teaching the class or classes you took.   With that completion of that phase in my life I wish to have the utmost integrity.

So many of you obtained and completed the Certification requirements and received your Certification Certificate and through the years many of you have submitted your continuing education ce credits for the requirements of maintaining certification.   As President and CEO of B.A.B.Y. INC. I have ended that policy and you will No longer be required to send in your continuing education CE credits or renew your certificate of certification or specialty certificate.   

Your Certificate is valid and well earned!   No further action is needed or required and I hope you will display your Certificate with pride!   If you have a Certificate with an expire date, please contact me and I will email you one without the expiration date.   Email me at or or or call me at 615-300-9055

Knowledge changes and ever evolves so I hope if you have a passion for pregnancy and birth that you seek out more information and new knowledge.  It may not have been there when you took my class and how exciting to know there is more to learn and experience.

I wish each one of you the very best life has to offer and that you discover your special gifts you came in this life with and that you mine those gems and polish the so they sparkle in the world.   I hope you discover your purpose and that you embrace the stages in your life!

Much love and gratitude,

Sandy Ventura Gordon


I'm always looking happy to hear from you. Let's connect.


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