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About Sandy & B.A.B.Y. Inc
About Sandy & B.A.B.Y. Inc
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B.A.B.Y. Inc., is located 15 minutes west of Nashville on three acres of rolling wooded hills. The atmosphere of the class setting is both professional with all advanced learning systems and yet the retreat like setting supports the body, mind and soul of the participants.
    • In the winter, you will enjoy hearing and see a crackling fire burning within the fireplace while you take your massage program. During the summer months you have access to the gazebo, decks and swimming pool during lunch breaks. Stroll down by the pool and pick fresh raspberries in the spring or simply sit during a break and listen to the birds, smell the flowers and hear the babbling of the nearby pond.
      • The learning environment is designed to address the learning styles of most people and thus, audio, visuals, DVD and the latest anatomy programs are utilized during the seminar for a more interesting, creative and interactive experience.

        • Sandy Ventura Gordon has been a Massage Therapist for over 25 years with Neurumuscular Therapy being one of her primary modalities used in her massage practice. Sandy's business skills contributed to her building a highly successful full-time massage business in Nashville when massage was still perceived as a sexual service. In 1995 she joined the Natural Health Institute and designed and taught five massage curriculum programs for massage licensure. She continues to provide ce credit and certification programs for Massage Therapists with quality being the first criteria for all her training programs.

          She completed her midwifery training in 1995 and apprenticed with a lay midwife. Her midwifery training has provided her with unique qualities and expertise. She has been creating high-quality comprehensive training programs since 1994 and has received recognition for her educational programs. Sandy was the first to pioneer and design the first Massage Doula Certification program specifically designed for the Massage Industry - Massage Birth Assistant/Doula Certification. In addition to her training programs and busy schedule Sandy is a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and teaches HypnoBirthing childbirth classes.

          A Mother of three adult children and Grandmother of two Grandchildren, has provided her with extensive life skills and an understanding regarding the significance of pregnancy, birth and newborn interaction towards a healthy, happy peaceful human. She gave birth to her first and second child in the early 1970's in an antiquated hospital atmosphere via Lamaze and chose to birth her third child at home attended by a Midwife; her amazing birthing experience ignited a fire within her soul regarding the significance of birthing without needless medical interventions and its impact upon the life of the Mom, baby and family.

          Sandy's primary goal is to provide education programs in a manner that expands the potentialities of human endeavors. Her belief that education is the "key" that unlocks the doors of human capacity that propels universal transformation for a more peaceful person, family, community, country and ultimately world is her lifelong undertaking.

        • B.A.B.Y. Inc., is approved by the NCBTMB for continuing education ce credits.

        • You can contact us by phone or e-mail at: 615-300-9055 or kneadingbaby@yahoo.com

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