Baby Reflexology Instructor

Baby Reflexology Instructor
Item# BRI

The Certification program will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Mom/Dad/family members how to care for and calm baby with reflexology techniques on baby's hands and feet.

Learn how you can practice the ancient art/science of Reflexology on mothers and children, before, during and after birth. Develop the skill of using special thumb and finger techniques applied to specific zones and reflex points of the hands and feet to facilitate increased circulation, lymphatic and nutritional flow while at the same time decreasing pain and stress-enabling mother and child to return to balance naturally.

*You do not have to have any training in reflexology to enter this program.

To become a Certified Baby Reflexology Instructor you must complete the following:
  • Maintain B.A.B.Y. membership (fee $40 US)
  • Attend a Natal Reflexology workshop
  • Complete the required reading
  • Submit documentation verifying training 10 mothers, fathers or family members
  • Verify five follow-up interviews with family
  • Submit completed certification materials within one year of entering the program