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The B.A.B.Y. Inc. Teacher Trainer program is a 50 ce credit program consisting of two separate Modules. Module one and Module two.

You must take Module One first and then may register for Module Two. Each Module is 25 ce credits. You will receive a certificate of completion for each Module and your transcript of 25 ce credits for each completed Module.
  • Module One
  • In keeping with the lofty goal of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education "Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers" for, "Effective teachers (to) have high expectations for their learners and implement educational experiences that support each learner in achieving his or her full potential," the B.A.B.Y. Inc's Teacher Training program is an extensive program to provide potential teachers with a base of professional knowledge and is approved by NCBTMB for continuing education. The Module One Massage Teacher Training program includes knowledge:

  • Instructional Strategies that addresses adult learning
    • Rather than the customary teacher/student interaction, you will learn methodologies for participatory learning where the attendees are expected to become active participants in their own learning process as you the trainer facilitates an environment that increases his or her potentialities.
  • Effective Learning Environments
    • You will explore and learn various options within the actual learning space that is conducive towards participatory learning, rather than passivity, which beckons the participant to realize their latent talents through the means of activities and a logical progression and sequencing of information.
  • Subject Content Knowledge
    • You will learn skills that encourage individual attendees to realize their own volition while you move them through a set of skills and abilities, progressivly becoming more challenging, while walking a pathway of mutual learning instead of the the attitude of the teacher being the learned and the student the unlearned.
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies
    • During this course you will learn how to allocate time wisely, analyze and develop your course content, strategically assess the sequencing of activities, and practice participatory options, while imparting knowledge and skills.

    To receive your Certificate of Certification you must complete both Modules and fulfill the additional requirements of the program.

    Those wishing to receive a Certificate of Certification in the B.A.B.Y. INC. Teacher Trainer Certification Program must complete the following requirements:

    • Conduct a seminar and submit video of class
    • Complete classroom assignments
    • Submit all required verification forms pertaining to course completion