Doula and HealthCare Provider Resources

Doula and HealthCare Provider Resources
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You may download the following hand-outs or materials. They can be used as training materials, hand-outs, etc., but must not be sold for profit.

  • Breastfeeding How Long Click Here

  • Breastfeeding Indicators Click Here

  • Promoting Proper BreastfeedingClick Here

  • Promoting Breastfeeding Click Here

    The following is a guide for standards of complimentary feeding of breastfed infants.

  • Complimentary FeedingClick Here

    Bottlefeeding and Breastfeeding are quite different and the standards of healthy growth have by and large been determined from babies who are bottlefed. The following is a Growth Standards Guide based upon breastfeeding.

  • Depression After Delivery This group is devoted to increasing awareness about postpartum depression. This site has a bookstore, forums, chat rooms, links etc.

  • Healthy Growth StandardsClick Here

    The following is the Planning Guide for The National Implementation of the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding.