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Baby Massage Instructor
Baby Massage Instructor - Frequently Asked Questions
Baby Massage Instructor - Frequently Asked Questions
Baby Reflexology Instructor
Baby Reflexology Instructor - Frequently Asked Questions
Baby Reflexology Instructor - Frequently Asked Questions
Birth in a Medical Environment
Birth in a medication environment - Member Discount
Body Dynamics, Exploring the Mechanisms of Health Massage Burnout
Books about the Womb World
Books on Birthing
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Doula and Caregiver Resources
Doula and HealthCare Provider Resources
Doula and Prenatal Supplies
Doula Services
Fetal Growth - Eye, Jaw and Toe Movement
Fetal Growth 11 weeks - Double Fisted Movement
Fetal Growth 12 weeks - Tongue Movement and Taste
Fetal Growth 4- 8 wks - Heart Beating
Fetal Growth 5 months - Holding the Umbilical Cord and Hearing
Fetal Growth 6 months - Eyes Opening and Closing
Fetal Growth 7 months - Big Yawn
Fetal Growth 8 months - Sticking out Tongue and Fetal Breathing
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
HypnoBirthing Video of two Births
HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method
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Massage Birth Assistant (Doula) - Frequently Asked Questions
Massage Birth Assistant Doula Certification - 22 ce credits
Massage Online Continuing Education CE Credits
Massage Teacher Trainer Certification Program
Massage Therapy
Member Discount
Member Discount
Nashville Events
Neuromuscular Therapy II
No Name
No Name
Other Certification Programs
Other Certification Programs
Pregnacy Belly Casting - Member Discount
Pregnancy Belly Casting
Prenatal Massage - Frequently Asked Questions
Prenatal Massage Certification
Preparing for Birth - Massage Birth Integration
Principles of Reflexology
Reviews and Comments
Soul Kiss Writer
Soul Kiss Writer
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US Infant Mortality
Videos - Fetal Development & Breastfeeding
Yoga Womb
Yoga Womb - Member Discount