The 1st Massage Birth Doula training program for the Massage Industry. Approved by NCBTMB for massage continuing education. Provider #142749-00

Massage Birth Assistant Doula Certification - 22 ce credits
Massage Birth Assistant Doula Certification - 22 ce credits
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Massage Birth Assistant Doula Certification - 22 ce credits

The Massage Birth Assistant/Doula Certification program was the first (click here to view ABMP article) in the Massage Industry and was created to provide Massage Therapists with a high quality program that is comparable with other national certification programs such as, DONA, ALACE, ICEA, etc. Upon completing this certification program you will have all the necessary skills and information to attend births with confidence and professionalism. You will be able to comfortably attend births with medical professionals in the hospital setting, as well as cooperate with Midwives in the home birth and/or Birthing Center setting.

Upon completing the seminar you will receive 22 ce credits approved by NCBTMB for massage continuing education.

The birth process is much more than a physical event, it is a journey that will engrave deep impressions on the soul of the laboring woman, her partner, their child and those who are blessed to be in their presence. This certification program will provide extensive, comprehensive information such as:
  • The anatomy and physiology of the birthing process
    • Stages of labor and applicable massage techniques contributing to fascia and structural elements
      • How to create a Birthing Document (birth plan)
        • Comfort measures
          • Communication skills-working with the medical team
            • Explore the power of words, thoughts and emotions and the affect they have on the bodys' physiology and birth process
            • You will receive information about births that stray from the norm from the perspective of possibilities, instead of fear. By removing "fear based" beliefs and systems with information that validates the birth process as a normal, natural event women and their birth companions will be able to make truly informed choices that best represents their vision of their birthing experience.

              Massage Birth Assistant/Doulas support women and their partners in the life changing process that occurs during the birth experience. They view birth as a rite of passage and not a medical event. The Massage Birth Assistant/Doula supports the mother and father during labor and birth, allowing them to begin the process of becoming strong, loving, parents.

              You will learn and be able to demonstrate:
              • Special relaxation breathing techniques
                • Visualization and relaxation skills used during the birth journey
                  • Massage, labor and birth positions
                    • Word re-framing and much more will be included in this certification program.
                    • To become a Certified Massage Birth Assistant you must complete the following.
                    • Attend a Massage Birth Assistant workshop
                    • Complete the required reading
                    • Submit documentation verifying three labor support or postpartum support experiences
                    • Audit one childbirth or postpartum class series taught by another educator
                    • Complete six short essays related about the content of the required books
                    • Submit completed certification materials within one year of entering the program

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