Massage Birth Assistant (Doula) - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Massage Birth Assistant (Doula)?

A MBA/Doula is a highly trained woman who provides information, praise, reassurance, massage, and continuous support during labor, birth and the postpartum period. A MBA/Doula does NOT diagnose, administer medical procedures or take the place of the woman's partner.

Who can take the Massage Birth Assistant/Doula training?

Anyone with an interest in birth and desire to learn may take the training.

Do doctors and hospitals allow MBA/Doulas to attend births?

In most situations it is not an issue. We recommend that the couple inform their physician that they have hired a Massage Birth Assistant/Doula to attend their birth. MBA/Doulas may be hired directly by the client, others become hospital employees, or volunteer their services for the community and hospital programs.

Why become a certified Massage Birth Assistant?

Massage is a powerful means by which we touch humanity. The birth process is much more than a physical event, it is a journey that will engrave deep impressions on the soul of the laboring woman, her partner, their child and those who are blessed to be in their presence. Your massage/bodywork skills create an atmosphere that nurtures awareness and compassion. Touch during labor can soothe a woman both physically and emotionally as she works to bring her child into the world. The certification process provides the massage/bodyworker with the necessary knowledge to become a recognized vital member of the birthing team.

Must I be a member to become certified?

Yes, you must be a member to enter a certification program. Membership is renewable yearly and is required to maintain your certification.

After becoming certified, how often do I re-certify and what are the requirements?

When you complete your certification program, recertification is renewable every two years. To renew your certification you must have attended 25 hours of continuing education, 12 1/2hours must be related to your certification field and the other 12 1/2hours can be from any course of your choosing.