Item# TTM2
Class Dates: 

Prerequisite: You must have complete Module ONE before you are eligible to take Module TWO.

  • Module One Course Content
  • Ethical Conduct and Student Interaction
    • You will develop skills that enhance student interaction while maintaining ethical boundaries.
  • Learning Differences and Content Delivery
    • Through a series of engaging activities during this course you will have the opportunity to practice and master the art and joy of creating a learning environment that engages all people and accommodates different paces and strides of learning in individuals.
  • Student Classroom Engagement Strategies
    • You will develop specific skills that create engagement of those attending your courses while avoiding a fragmenting of your class
  • Proper Utilization of Technology
    • You will learn how to utilize technology that enhances the delivery of information, creates participation, and supports learning styles.

    Upon completion of Module Two you will receive your transcript for 25 ce credits and a Certificate of Completion for the B.A.B.Y. INC. Teacher Trainer Program. In order to receive your Certification of Certification you must complete the additional requirements for the Certification program.

    Certification Requirements: Those wishing to receive a Certificate of Certification in the B.A.B.Y. INC. Teacher Trainer Certification Program must complete the following requirements:

    • Conduct a seminar and submit video of class
    • Complete all classroom assignments
    • Submit all required verification forms pertaining to course completion