What is a Doula?

Doula Services
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A Doula or Massage Birth Assistant/Doula is a person whom supports the Mother, Partner or Birthing Companion during the many phases and stages of pregnancy and birth. Occasionally, the birth partner has concerns that the Doula will replace them, when if fact, the Doula's role is to support their relationship, intimacy and interaction during labor and birth. This support allows the Partner or Birthing Companion to truly "be there" with the mother during the process minus the technical concerns or demands. The Doula provides information so the Mother and Partner can make their own informed choices they feel is best for them.

During the birthing process the Doula may use skills such as massage, position changes, relaxation techniques, or visualization. Together, the Partner, Birthing Companion and/or Doula support the woman through this significant life passage.

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