Reviews and Comments

B.A.B.Y. Inc. has been approved by NCBTMB since 1997. Sandy Ventura Gordon has been the primary instructor and developer of the programs. She has vast personal experience as a Massage Therapist since 1985, her midwifery training, as a childbirth educator and doula. Please visit About Sandy" to ready more.

The following are comments from participants of the training programs, the Massage Birth Assistant/Doula Certification and Prenatal Massage Certification:

  • Thank you so much for the extra interest you took in my vision, you made me feel like I can do this successfully. Very informative, passionate, experienced and encouraging. Summer Wilson
  • Sandy was excellent! Very informed and encouraging. I like how educated she was, I can truly say that I have greatly gained from this seminar.Linsey Reed
  • Great teacher! Her passion is inspiring as well as explaining the materials and deep respect for the process of birthing. I walked in feeling I knew everything I needed to know about the childbirth process; my intention was to focus on the role of the doula. Well, my understanding of the doula role has expanded, but the surprise was that my understanding of childbirth has expanded as well.Andrea Morgan
  • Sandy is a great teacher and brings her gifts as a doula/midwife to bring information with ease and groundedness. There's a lot of information and the relaxing setting and style helped me take it in.Jane Sinnott
  • Sandy is a wonderful instructor and highly prepared to teach. I feel I learned a great amount and feel confident in my newly formed skills. Wonderful course?Amy Hamiter
  • Sandy was fantastic with all of her knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed this class! I feel confident w/the tools I was given and will definitely be taking another one of Sandy's classes in the futureTori Chancey
  • The handbook combine with the verbal information and screen, great combination! Very thorough and easy to follow. The review throughout of applying the information to scenario/situations.Leah Benjamin
  • Great handouts and hands on demo and practice time. She is passionate and knowledgable.Jennifer Gornes
  • Excellent concentration within instruction. Superior Michael ODosij
  • In comparison to the DONA class I'd taken there was more frankness and flexibility. Excellent! I was touched by Sandy's honesty, compassion, warmth and fierceness about birth that matched my own! Thank you so much! Best work/vacation ever. I can't wait to get home and get my hands on pregnant belly's Tara Pratt
  • I had fun learning and wasn't scared anymore. One of the best teachers I've had. Tied for 1st place. Tia Harris
  • The flow was extremely smooth. I enjoyed every minute and didn't want it to end. Excellent! Sandy was wonderful. She was respectful and appreciative of every class member. Full of information. This was extremely ispirational. I can't wait to get started as a Doula. Thank you so much!!! Abrienne Hill
  • Sandy was amazing and allowed the students to learn from each other as well. She made the concept of birth ompletely different - from fear to wisdom. I can't thank you enough! Please make me aware of your next course and advance Doula. Sandy Gnaltney